On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016,  the City’s plan to sprawl over hundreds of acres of farmland could become reality.
The decision will be up to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

For many years, Thrive! Morgan Hill has been asking the City to rethink its plan for the Southeast Quadrant (SEQ), home to the last large expanse of farming in the Morgan Hill area. We believe the City’s plans to develop more than 400 acres of the SEQ will seriously affect the character of our city. It will worsen traffic and sacrifice our rural landscape. It is not a plan for responsible growth and it doesn’t need to happen. 


We have plenty of land already within our city for development. 

We take exception with the City  for not making any real effort to get residents’ input during the 10 years they have been planning this massive project. It’s time for your voice to be heard.  Stop the City’s attempt to ruin an important piece of Morgan Hill’s identity. Take action now!



Dear LAFCo Commissioners,

I am writing to ask that you deny the City of Morgan Hill’s request to annex a portion of Southeast Quadrant (SEQ).  This plan for sprawl would seriously detract from the character of our city if you approve this request. 

The City has not demonstrated the need for this land which means it is a plan for sprawl.  The City has also not made a concerted effort to get residents’ input on the SEQ plan.  My information about the City plans for the SEQ has come from Thrive! Morgan Hill. The City did not make it easy to follow what was going on like they have for so many other issues.  This is unacceptable for such an important decision.

My understanding is that LAFCo’s key goals are to encourage responsible growth and to discourage sprawl and preserve agricultural and open space lands.

The City’s request is completely counter to those ideals.  Please deny their request.


Your name

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